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Our History

The South Seminole Flying Club, Inc. (SSFC), is based at Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB). The organization was incorporated in 1985, in Sanford, Florida. Through 2000, the club owned several aircraft built prior to 1980. SSFC sold off its aged fleet of three aircraft as scrap in 2001, because maintenance costs had escalated beyond the club's financial capacity. The Club then purchased a 2000 Cessna 172S.

The Club calculates its dues based upon having each member cover one's proportionate share of the fixed costs, which include loan amortization, hangar rental and expenses, insurance, and periodic maintenance. The club currently has three members who cover the $1,800 monthly expenditures.

Our Mission

To become the most economical non-commercial aircraft resource in an ownership club environment at Orlando Sanford International Airport.

Organization Profile

SSFC is a non-profit organization, chartered in Florida in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(7) social organization.

The Club is a member of both the Cessna Pilots Association (CPA) and the Cessna Owner Organization (COO). Most SSFC members belong to Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).

Several SSFC members are members and active volunteer pilots for Angel FlightTM Southeast (AFSE) and Mercy FlightTM Southeast (MFSE) which are members of Air Charity Network (ACN). Angel Flight and Mercy Flight have as their mission Coordinating free air transportation for children and adults with medical or compelling humanitarian needs. These SSFC members provide the free transportation using either SSFC or other aircraft. Visit the web sites for more information.

Members are also encouraged to support EAA, previously known as Experimental Aircraft Association. Members of EAA typically participate in the Young Eagles Program, which introduces young people to aviation.


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