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N582SP Picks Up Angel Flight Passengers in Georgia

   Alan flew the Club's Skyhawk to Peachtree-DeKalb (PDK) on Friday for an Angel Flight Mission. During the pre-flight run-up, the alternator would not come back on line, with battery voltage hovering around 24.0. During the taxi on runway 18-36 to Orlando Air Maintenance, the alternator began functioning, with voltages as high as 27.4. Alan made a decision to continue the mission. After the mission, subsequent testing identified a faulty diode in the alternator, so the alternator was swapped out with a rebuilt.

   The three hour IFR flight to 4A7, Hampton, for refueling was uneventful, with self-service fuel available at $3.50. Due to weight and balance issues for the return flight to Sanford, Alan under-filled the tanks by approximately 10 gallons. The 15 minute flight to PDK would burn off additional fuel prior to picking up the full passenger load.

   Because of high density altitude, Alan kept the aircraft in ground effect until it reached 90 knots, and then began his ascent to 7,000 feet MSA, because the plane would refuse to climb at normal rotation speed under these atmospheric conditions.

   This mission was a return home by the woman in her 50s who has a companion dog, weighing about 85 pounds. The passenger had a brain stimulation implant which removed her spasms caused by a neurological disease. This time, the dog lay on the floor while the passenger sat on the bench seat. A companion friend rode right seat.

   By the time they reached Orlando Executive, there was still haze and few clouds.

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