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Two Club Members Fly Young Eagles at ORL

   Tom Wallace and Alan Hoffberg participated in EAA's Young Eagle Program on Saturday, March 19, 2011, at Orlando Executive Airport (ORL). Because Alan preflighted the aircraft Friday evening, upon arriving at the hangar early Saturday morning, all that remained was checking and adjusting the tire pressures. They then departed for ORL at 8:05 with Tom at the controls. Departure cleared the flight directly to ORL at 1,500 feet for Runway 7.

   Upon landing, they taxied via Echo (taxiway E) to the "EAA Nest," where the event was taking place. Following introductions and a route briefing, Alan flew the first mission with a young eagle, and Tom rode in the back seat to observe procedures. For the second mission, Tom and Alan switched roles, with Tom serving as pilot. Then Alan and Tom flew separate missions, with two young eagles each, taking turns using the club aircraft.

   A 12 year old named Brooke R. had the opportunity to "co-pilot" with Alan after she won the coin toss with a boy to ride in the back seat as a passenger. During the flight, Alan gave Brooke the opportunity and instruction to steer the aircraft and maintain the 1,300 foot altitude, a thrilling feat for Brooke since she had never done that before.

   Afterwards, Alan presented each of the two young eagles with a flight certificate and log book and a goody bag containing flying related materials. At the left, Alan is explaining to Brooke her log book and free pilot training available from Sporty's.

   Tom and Alan each flew another mission, this time each with three young eagles. And then it was time to return to Sanford, as it was past Noon time, all the food for lunch was sold out, and the event was officially over. By the end of the event, six pilots (and five aircraft) flew sixty six young eagles in all, with Tom and Alan each flying a total of six, sharing our aircraft. This was Tom's first Young Eagle event, and he exclaimed, "The kids were really great, and I totally enjoyed supporting the program."

   Now, Alan and Tom have to figure out who will pilot for the next Young Eagle event. Maybe they will share the efforts rather than flipping a coin.

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