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Membership Information

    Membership in the South Seminole Flying Club is treated as a family membership. Thus a spouse or minor living in the household may use the club aircraft and participate in club activities. The primary member, however, is legally responsible for payment of all charges and a legal guardian must must accompany a minor member at all times who is either participating in club activities or using club property.

  • One-time initiation fee: $300 for a non-ownership membership
  • Monthly dues: $600 based upon three dues paying members.
  • Tach hourly charge (Dry): $60 per tach hour (Member must top off after flight)
  • Block time discount: $10 per tach hour when at least $200 of tach time is purchased at one time

    SSFC membership will make a lot of sense to a pilot who flies at least ten hours per month. The member's effective hourly cost is below that of comparable rental aircraft. Because SSFC is a club, membership includes the obligation of caring for the aircraft and participating in SSFC's leadership. To discuss membership, please call Alan Hoffberg, treasurer, as 407-869-6900.

Membership Form and Supporting Documents

    The Membership Application requires certain supporting documentation. Each of the items marked with a check box in the application require you either show the documentation to the club Treasurer or submit a copy with the application.

Membership Application - PDF

    The acceptance of the application requires the applicant to read and agree to adhere to both the current By Laws and Rules of Operation. Both documents may be revised from time to time.

ByLaws - PDF Rules of Operation - PDF


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